Turkish actor dies at 77

Turkish actor dies at 77

Turkish actor dies at 77

Turkish actor and dubbing artist İsmail Köksal Engür died on March 27 at the age of 77 due to complications caused by renal failure.

Engür’s funeral ceremony was held yesterday, and he was buried at Karacaahmet Cemetery in Istanbul.

Engür is best remembered for his role as “Ak Sakallı Dede” (White-Bearded Dede) in one of the most popular Turkish TV series “Leyla ile Mecnun.”

Born in 1946 in Kars, Engür started his career at the age of 10 with short radio plays in TRT Ankara Radio’s “Children’s Hour” program.

After graduating from the Theater Department of Ankara University in 1969, the actor began working as a dubbing artist.

Played in dozens of films and cartoons, Engür took roles in private theaters such as Ankara Halkevi, Sahne 9, Ankara Deneme Sahnesi, Çağdaş Sahne, Hodri Meydan Theater, Dormen Theater, Ali Poyrazolu Theater and Küçük Sahne, Bakrköy Municipality Theater and in some State Opera and Ballet productions.

Engür’s voice has become well-known with Sesame Street character Bert in “Bert and Ernie” and cartoon series “Red Kit.” He was also known with the voices of actors such as Robert de Niro, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman and Robin Williams.