Turkish 4th most widely used language in web content across globe: Report

Turkish 4th most widely used language in web content across globe: Report

Turkish 4th most widely used language in web content across globe: Report

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We Are Social, the world’s largest and most awarded social media agency, has made its social media and internet report for 2021 public, which showed that Turkish topped “the common languages used for website content” list.

According to the 300-page report announced on Aug. 26, Turkish is the fourth common language used in creating website content. English is at the top of the list of languages used on websites with a rate of 60.4 percent.

Russian is a runner-up with 8.5 percent of the world’s internet sites as Spanish stands third with 4 percent.

Turkish, with 3.7 percent, is in the fourth row and is followed by Persian, French, German and Japanese.

The population of China, which is 1.4 billion, covers 18 percent of the world’s population, however, Chinese became 10th on the list of languages mostly used in web content.

“People working at the sectors of advertising and public relations should analyze this report well,” Mustafa Kıranatlıo, the founder of Vevo Medya, told Demirören News Agency late on Aug. 27.

In Turkey, people aged between 25 and 34 use social media most effectively.

Facebook is the most favorite social media platform that Turkish people use, according to the report. YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram follow the trail.

“We learn from the report that Turkey is the 12th country in the globe using Facebook significantly,” Kıranatlıo said.

The report also underlined that an average Turk spends seven hours and 56 minutes a day on the internet. According to the report, a Turk spends four hours and 19 minutes on the internet via mobile phones and three hours and 37 minutes using computers.

Turkey also stands in the fifth row in the “Use of Voice Search and Voice Commands” list. Some 49.5 percent of the internet users aged 16 to 64 use voice interfaces each month.

“Turkish people spend two hours and 57 minutes on average daily using social media,” the report said.

The average number of social media accounts per person in Turkey is 9.4.

“Globally, the most visited site is Google. Then comes YouTube and Facebook,” Kıranatlıo reminded.

“The number of active internet users has topped 4.6 billion, which is nearly half of the world’s population.”

“Some 92 percent of these people connect to the internet via mobile phones. Companies which cannot adapt to this reality will lose,” he added.

We Are Social is a socially led creative global agency with more than 800 social experts in 15 offices across 13 countries.