Turkey’s resort town welcomes ultra-luxury yachts

Turkey’s resort town welcomes ultra-luxury yachts

Turkey’s resort town welcomes ultra-luxury yachts

Bodrum, one of the favorite holiday centers of Turkey’s Aegean coasts, has become a frequent destination for million-dollar luxury yachts this summer.

Many mega yachts belonging to billionaire businesspeople have settled in the Aegean province of Muğla’s Bodrum bays, where the blue and the green meet.

Guests on luxury yachts anchored in bays such as Karaada, Bitez, Torba, Yalıkavak and Göltürkbükü enjoy the natural scenic beauty in a quiet and peaceful environment.

The 68-meter-long “Lady Christine,” with a heliport and a helicopter on it, the 75-meter-long “Arrow,” with the Cayman flag, and the “Al Lusail,” one of the world’s leading yachts, stood out as soon as they reached the Bodrum coast.

The 140-meter-long “Scheherazade,” and the ultra 164-meter luxury yacht “Eclipse,” owned by Roman Abramovich, who is the owner of the English football team Chelsea, were among the yachts anchored at the Bodrum shores.

Each striking in their size and aesthetics, some of the super-luxury yachts were viewed with the help of drones as well.

Referring to the fact that Bodrum is able to meet all the requests of yachts from the land such as fuel and food, Orhan Dinç, a maritime trade expert, noted that the district offered guests a peaceful, safe and isolated holiday environment.

There has been an increase in the number of mega yachts compared to last year despite the pandemic, and this increase will likely be continued, according to Dinç.