Turkey’s region is like a ‘fireball’

Turkey’s region is like a ‘fireball’

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Turkey’s region is like a ‘fireball’

This photo shows the entrance into İzmir’s port area. The Aegean city is trying to encourage business activity by becoming a major congress and fair center, according to İzmir Chamber of Trade Chairman Ekrem Demirtaş. Hürriyet photo

Turkish exports have been badly affected because most of Turkey’s trade partners are either in economic or political crisis, İzmir Chamber of Trade (İZTO) Chairman Ekrem Demirtaş has said at İZTO’s monthly meeting.

Demirtaş said the region had turned into a “fireball,” with Greece being a “hopeless victim,” Spain being in deep trouble, and tensions with Syria and Iraq mounting. “When we look at the economic ramifications, the bill is becoming very costly,” he said.

Touching on the upcoming 81 International Fair in İzmir, Demirtaş said: “A lot of businessmen and government leaders, both from within Turkey and abroad, are coming to this event. They are a source of economic value and prestige for our city. It’s our duty to support our fair.”

He also lamented the fact that Istanbul received the lion’s share of economic fairs, followed by Bursa, with İzmir lagging behind in third place.

“We are providing all the support that we can, but unfortunately just like with the cruise ships, we aren’t receiving support from any institution. If the chamber of trade has outstretched its hands, the others have pulled them back. This is not a matter of money, but a matter of unity. How can İzmir become a congress and fair center?” Demirtaş said.

Meanwhile, the Political, Economic and Society Research Foundation (SETA) has published its reported, titled: “The Eurozone Crisis and Turkey in the first half of 2012.” The report says Turkey has not been able to distance itself completely from the crisis environment and should still take precautions.

‘Turkey could become beacon for neighbors’

However, SETA’s Economic Director Prof. Dr. Erdal Tanas Karagöl said European countries needed to learn a lesson from Turkey, as they have all been weighed down by the crisis. The report noted that Turkey had been able to maintain sustainable growth based on the lessons it learned in the past and the positive reforms it implemented.