Turkey's quake survivors, shaken but resilient

Turkey's quake survivors, shaken but resilient

İZMİR- Anadolu Agency
Turkeys quake survivors, shaken but resilient

Hours after a powerful earthquake struck Turkey's Aegean coast, survivors were pulled out of the rubble - shaken but resilient.

Rescue workers have pulled out a total of nine people so far.

Nurcan Tosun, 50, was rescued in the Seferihisar district after 17 hours.

Günay Özışık and Erol Subaş were rescued nine hours after the quake.

Özışık's father spotted his son under the debris through rescue cameras and spoke to him.

Another earthquake victim, Buse Hasyılmaz and her family were rescued after nine-and-a-half hours.

Sixty-two-year-old Emine Eren was pulled out after 14 hours.

Help came after 15 hours for Fadime Tolu, 53. Her neighbor, Gülçin Aykut Soydan was also rescued.

Hula Özmet and Inci Okan were also pulled out alive after 17 hours.

A cat was also among the rescued.

They were all taken to hospitals for health checks.


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