Turkey’s Otokar launches new bus model in Europe

Turkey’s Otokar launches new bus model in Europe

Turkey’s Otokar launches new bus model in Europe

Turkey’s leading bus manufacturer Otokar has launched a new 10-meter midi coach at Busworld Europe, one of the world’s largest bus and coach exhibitions, according to a company press release issued on Oct. 19.

The launch of the bus, which is named the ULYSO, forms part of Otokar’s bid to increase its share in Europe, its main export.

Otokar presented a total of five vehicles during the Brussels-based exhibition, which hosted 350 exhibitors from 33 countries, the company stated.

With buses already present in more than 40 countries, and especially European countries, Otokar’s new medium-sized ULYSO coach is designed to meet industry standards, it added.

The VECTIO T was the company’s first vehicle in the 10-meter class.

The ULYSO represents the next stage of development. With more optimal operating costs and a higher passenger capacity, the model is carefully designed around user needs and is specifically geared towards the European market, the company said in the statement.

Otokar General Manager Serdar Görgüç said Turkish bus and coach manufacturers have accelerated their international presence amid a shrinkage in the domestic market.

Over the last four years, Turkey’s bus exports have increased by 39 percent, Görgüç added.

“In the first three quarters of 2017, Otokar sold one out of every three medium-sized buses in Turkey, maintaining its leader position in the Turkish market. In the first half of the year, we increased our turnover 39 percent year-on-year, with exports making up 21 percent of our revenues,” he said.

In Europe, the company prioritizes the French market, which remains the first export market, followed by Italy, Spain and Belgium, according to the press release.

Over the past two years Otokar’s Navigo has become a best seller in its category, with its TERRITO and KENT buses preferred by many major fleets, the company added.