Turkey’s justice minister backs inclusive constitution

Turkey’s justice minister backs inclusive constitution

ANKARA- Anadolu Agency
Turkey’s justice minister backs inclusive constitution

Turkey’s justice minister said on Feb. 12 that he wants to create an inclusive Constitution as the country begins debates on a new set of laws. 

“Our first duty is to make a Constitution that every part of [society] would say ‘this is my Constitution,’” said Abdulhamit Gül during an interview with TRT Haber, Turkey’s state-run news channel.

Gül’s remarks came after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said earlier this month that “perhaps it is time for Turkey to discuss a new Constitution again.”

Noting that Erdoğan announced a Judicial Reform Strategy Document in May 2019, Gul said the document maps out what should be done in the field of judiciary and law until 2023.

Stressing that one of the goals of the Judicial Reform Strategy Document is the preparation of a Human Rights Action Plan, Gül said: “We have been working on this action plan for about 1.5 years, it is part of the judicial reform.”

Following the judicial reform announcement, the Turkish parliament adopted three judicial packages that include regulations that bring maximum time to the detentions, he said.

According to Gül, approximately 50% of the document has been implemented, and those that have not will continue with the judicial package.

Last Wednesday, Turkey's president urged political parties to participate in drafting a new Constitution.

"We want all political parties to take part in this process. We will make a sincere effort to this end," Erdoğan told his party's parliamentary group in Ankara.

Turkey should draft a Constitution that will meet the needs of the next century, he said.

"Let's prepare our proposals on the new Constitution this year and start discussions. Let us share these with our nation with a visionary perspective, goodwill, and constructive approach, without leaving anyone and any segment behind," he said.