Turkey’s housing administration exceeds annual targets

Turkey’s housing administration exceeds annual targets

Turkey’s housing administration exceeds annual targets The Housing Development Administration of Turkey (TOKİ) has exceeded its target of social housing for this year, its chairman has said.

“Our initial target for social housing to be built this year was 60,000, and we will have provided 64,000 homes by the end of this year,” TOKİ Chairman Ergün Turan told state-run Anadolu Agency on Oct. 26 in the northwestern province of Bursa. 

“This makes up 10 percent of the total houses built in Turkey. All of this social housing is aimed at middle and low income families,” Turan added. 

 “Our aim, God willing, is to exceed the expectations again and build 70,000 houses next year,” he said.
Turan also noted that TOKİ does not only build homes, but also public buildings. 

“In our administration’s portfolio, 45 percent of the constructions are houses, while the remaining 55 percent are various public buildings,” he said. 

“Among these are 19 football stadiums that have been built over the last four years and are continuing to be built. We have built dormitories with a total capacity of 72,000 students. We are building campuses for 22 universities. We have built 1,050 schools in addition to many public buildings and buildings used by security forces. We have construction sites all over the country’s 81 provinces,” Turan stated.

A majority of TOKİ’s works include urban transformation projects targeting low-income neighborhoods, he said.

“With the cooperation of local municipalities, we have completed 53 of 183 urban transformation projects in 54 provinces and 118 districts. We have given 68,254 of the 111,474 houses to their owners,” he said.