Turkey’s golf scene emerging as tourism opportunity

Turkey’s golf scene emerging as tourism opportunity

Turkey’s golf scene emerging as tourism opportunity

Turkey’s Culture and Tourism Ministry has shared photos of the golf courses across the country on its Go Turkey website, as it seeks to make the sport a draw for foreign tourists.

“Golf resorts in Türkiye was designed by world-renowned golf course designers. You should visit golf centers where diversity and trails will provide you a unique experience,” the website said.

“You should plan your trip in advance for a dream-like holiday where you can enjoy nature and sea while experiencing all-inclusive 5-star accommodation,” it added.

“Especially golf centers in Antalya province are waiting to offer you an excellent golf experience.”

Golf tourism has been a hot topic for another official website, Go Turkey Tourism.

The website listed Istanbul, the capital Ankara, the Aegean provinces of Muğla and Aydın, the Black Sea province of Samsun, and the southern province of Antalya as cities well-suited for golf. It added the Korineum Golf Course in North Cyprus as the seventh destination on the list.

According to the website, the country, which has a total of 36 golf courses in six provinces, is known as “a tour de force” in golf tourism.

The experts recommended three golf clubs in Istanbul: The Kemer, Klassis, and Marmara Golf Country clubs.

The Kuşadası International Golf Club in Aydın, the Ankara Golf Club, and Samsun Golf Course were also named on the list.

It said golf aficionados can play the sport in the Regnum, Vita Park, and Bodrum golf clubs in the Muğla province, a versatile tourist destination.

Antalya, a city that lures tourists for all sorts of reasons, including its beaches and ancient sites, is also a city where golf can be played, with Belek being a prime location for golf players.

Belek is in itself a city that can satisfy a tourist with everything: Its luxury five-star hotels, beaches, shopping, and a weekly bazaar, it added.

Turkey’s well-known luxury hotels have been a driving force behind the rise of golf tourism in the country.

“Golf in Turkey was once a best-kept secret, but this beautiful country is now one of the most popular golfing destinations in Europe thanks to its combination of magnificent championship golf courses and luxury five-star all-inclusive resorts,” said the website.

“If you are considering a golfing holiday in Europe, Turkey offers the opportunity to play in a beautiful and
historical setting,” the website said.

Turkey is home to a plethora of tourist resorts and destinations, with millions of foreign tourists visiting the country either for its sunny weather and mesmerizing beaches or for cultural and historical trips.

Having established a foothold in health tourism, Turkey is now aiming to make golf tourism another draw.