Turkey’s first drive-in concert keeps audience’s mind off pandemic

Turkey’s first drive-in concert keeps audience’s mind off pandemic

Turkey’s first drive-in concert keeps audience’s mind off pandemic

As Turkey moves toward normalcy amid its COVID-19 outbreak, the country’s entertainment industry is slowly starting to organize events in line with hygiene and safety rules.

Residents of Istanbul on June 26 have pulled up in their cars to Yenikapı Square, which is generally used as a political rally gathering area, to watch the latest concert of Turkish pop star Kenan Doğulu after a long break in entertainment events due to the pandemic.

As the vehicles were taken to the concert area two hours before the concert, they were provided to park in accordance with the social distancing rules. Body temperature screenings, mask distribution and vehicle disinfections were carried out by the officials before the concert.

Following the completion of the measures, Kenan Doğulu came to the stage in accordance with the theme, with his 1961-model Cadillac brand classic car.

The square’s parking area, which has capacity of 1,400 cars, was almost full and people enjoyed the show from the safety of their vehicles in line with social distancing and hygiene rules.

Speaking to Demirören News Agency, Doğulu said he missed singing during the nationwide stay-at-home period.

“Giving such a historical concert at such a time in such an environment adds different excitement,” said the popstar, adding that the hygiene environment, safety, technical details, setting of music and precautions were all well planned.

Participating in the country’s first drive-in concert, Savaş Özbey from Hürriyet daily reported on his suggestions regarding the first night of the new normal in the Turkish music industry.

Özbey underlined that the ticket prices were increased and the tickets were three times more expensive compared to the same concert last year.

Stressing that there are no food and beverage sales in the area, Özbey reminded that if the audience has such a request, they should make their choices when buying tickets.

He added that the demand for food and beverage was brought to the customers during hygiene controls before the concert.

Giving information that it was forbidden to get out of the vehicle during the concert, Özbey reminded that this ban was lifted according to the circular issued by the Interior Ministry one day before the concert.

On July 4, the famous Turkish popstar Sertap Erener, who was the winner of Eurovision Song Contest in 2003, will also give a concert within the framework of the concert series.

More drive-in events, including performances by Turkish singer Levent Yüksel, will be held at the venue over the coming days, according to the organizers.