Turkey’s arts and culture go to China throughout the year

Turkey’s arts and culture go to China throughout the year

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Turkey’s arts and culture go to China throughout the year

The Turkey Year in China was launched at a press conference on March 11 in Beijing, with Turkish Ambassador to Beijing Murat Salim Esenli speaking at the event. AA photo

The “Turkey Year in China” will be celebrated throughout the year in China. 

Turkish Culture and Tourism Minister Ömer Çelik, who held a press conference yesterday in Ankara’s Cermodern, said 122 works from all eras would be exhibited in China as part of the events. “Turkey will show itself in all areas such as exhibitions and film weeks,” the minister added. 

Also speaking about the controversial restoration process of Istanbul’s historic Emek Movie Theater, Çelik said it the demolition of the theater was out of the question. 

“The Emek Movie Theater will be moved to the upper floors according to the original. We are strengthening the inside of the theater,” he said. A ceremony to inaugurate the Year of Turkey, that will feature numerous events in China over the coming months, was also held March 11 in Beijing. 

The gala of the event will take place March 21 in the presence of 140 guests. The culture ministers of both China and Turkey will attend the event. 

The year’s program of events and exhibitions was launched by Turkish officials at a press conference held at the Chinese Ministry of Culture. A number of show groups from various parts of Turkey will perform at special shows across the country in events, programs and exhibitions that will be organized in the country until the end of the year

Relation of 42 years

Turkish Ambassador to Beijing Murat Salim Esenli said that relations between both countries had a long history and that Turkey had hosted 120,000 Chinese people last year in Turkey during the Year of China in Turkey. 

He said that in the 42nd anniversary of the establishment of Turkish-Chinese diplomatic relations Turkey had prepared big productions to express itself better in China, and that they would open important exhibitions there. 

Esenli noted that Turkey had the largest Chinese porcelain collection after China and that a total of more than 11,000 pieces in Turkey were from various eras. He said that during the Turkey Year in China many precious pieces of the collection would be exhibited in China. 

The ambassador said that Turkish opera artists would make a first in China in May and perform Mozart’s opera “Abduction from the Seraglio” in Beijing. He also said that important exhibits such as Anatolian Civilizations would be opened in China and Turkish films would join the International Beijing Film Festival. It would also be organized Turkish dishes week and a Turkish fashion show, and the Presidential Symphony Orchestra would give a series of concerts in the country. 

The Year of Turkey will open in Beijing on March 21 and in Shanghai on March 25 with a special show during which a 140-person selected Turkish artist group will take the stage. “The events will not only be limited to Beijing and Shanghai but organizations will be made in 12 cities.”

Esenli said that Turkey would be promoted to the Chinese population of over one billion, adding, “Such a comprehensive promotional event has not been organized in 42 years of Turkish-Chinese relations.” 

Among top 10 

Turkish Embassy to China Cultural Adviser İlknur Yiğit said that Turkey was among the first 10 tourism destinations in China. Yiğit also highlighted the importance of the gala program in Beijing and said that works had still been continuing for the program. 

Turkish Airlines (THY) Beijing Director Veysel Taş said that THYwas the sponsor of The Year of China last year in Turkey and it would also sponsor the Turkey Year in China this year. 

He said that the number of flights to China would increase to 28 as of May, which would be a very big capacity of 1 million seats between Turkey and China. 

“As part of this program we expect that some 2,000 people will come to China in 2013. We will also provide discount tickets for passengers between Turkey and China,” he added.