Turkey welcomes UN resolution on Yemen

Turkey welcomes UN resolution on Yemen

Turkey welcomes UN resolution on Yemen


Ankara has voiced pleasure over the adoption of a U.N. Security Council resolution imposing an arms embargo targeting Houthi rebels who rule most of Yemen, calling the decision “a clear message and warning” to the force.

“In order for peaceful conditions, that will provide the realization of a political resolution, to occur, it is important that Houthi militias withdraw from regions, particularly Sanaa and Aden, that they have seized through unilateral acts and by using force; abandon heavy weapons that they seized and which belong to military units; show respect to the legitimate president; and cease threatening behavior against their neighbors,” the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a written statement released on April 15.

The Security Council adopted the resolution – drafted by council member Jordan and Gulf Arab states – with 14 votes in favor on April 14, but after weeks of negotiations, Russia abstained, saying some of its proposals were not included. 

“For the unity, integrity and safety of the country, we expect all parties in Yemen, especially Houthis – as emphasized in the U.N. Security Council resolution – to do their part to provide a peaceful environment that will make the continuity of the political transition process and the [rule] of the legitimate state authority over the entire country possible by abiding by the Gulf Cooperation Council, the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference and all related Security Council resolutions,” the Foreign Ministry said.

The ministry concluded by reiterating Turkey’s readiness to make “all kinds of contributions” to reach peace and stability in Yemen.

Turkey has not contributed military to a Saudi-led coalition of mostly Sunni countries that have conducted punishing bombing raids against the Houthis, who belong to a sect of Shiism, but Ankara has lent support for the operation while directing aggressive rhetoric toward Iran.