Turkey to host French soprano Emma Shapplin

Turkey to host French soprano Emma Shapplin

Turkey to host French soprano Emma Shapplin

French Soprano Emma Shaplin will hit the stage in Istanbul on August 2.

French soprano Emma Shapplin will perform for Turkish fans in Istanbul’s Harbiye Open Air Theater on August 2.

The 40-year old soprano is expected to sing classics such as “La Notte,” “Miserere Venere,” “Verdi Maria,” “Cuerpo Sin Alma” and “Spente le Stelle.”

Shapplin started her career in classical music, although she later combined classical opera with modern pop music, using a highly operatic vocal style. Although Shapplin was raised speaking French and sings some songs in French, most of her songs are in baroque-era Italian.

She is currently touring to promote her latest album, “Dust of a Dandy.”

The artist has performed in some truly amazing locations around the world, including the Acropolis in Athens, the Olympia arena in Greece, the Kremlin Grand Palace in Moscow, the Esplanade Opera House in Singapore, the Cesarea Arena in Israel, the Theater Carré in Holland, in a newly excavated open air Roman Mausoleum near Belgrade, at an open air concert on the site of an immense temple in Bali and on the Tunisian seashore.