Turkey invites foreign investors to Turkey

Turkey invites foreign investors to Turkey

Turkey invites foreign investors to Turkey

“As we continue to fight terror and eliminate terrorism from these provinces, I believe we will attract more investors and entrepreneurs because of the fact that we provide very advantageous incentives for the investors,” Erdoğan said at a meeting with Turkey’s trade counselors on April 30.

Turkey neutralized 160 terrorists in April, he said, vowing the anti-terror fight will continue without stop.

Turkey’s target for 2019 is to host 50 million tourists, around 10 million more than last year, the president said, vowing to make Turkey one of the countries with current account surplus.

“I am of the belief that we will host 50 million tourists in 2019. With the rise in the number of tourists, we will also increase our income by diversifying of tourism,” he said.

In his address to the counselors, Erdoğan recalled that reaching the $500 billion export figure was among Turkey’s centennial objectives by 2023.

“We now have a four-year period without elections. We should be able to use this period in the best way to fulfill our objectives. I believe we will be one of the countries with current account surplus,” he stressed.

Tourism will continue to play an important in generating income and employment thanks to developing health, conference and winter tourism along with traditional tourism products, Erdoğan stressed.

“We are now a country with four-season tourism,” the president said.

Turkey hosted around 40 million tourists in 2018 and eyes to increase it to 70 million by 2023.

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