Schools to reopen face-to-face classes from Sept 6

Schools to reopen face-to-face classes from Sept 6

Schools to reopen face-to-face classes from Sept 6

Turkey will resume face-to-face learning five days a week beginning Sept. 6, the education minister said on Aug. 19.

Education Minister Mahmut Özer said the country wants to continue full-time face-to-face learning unless health conditions dictate otherwise.

“Education in schools will be carried out without reducing class hours while being committed to the entire existing curriculum,” said Özer, adding that the school entry and exit times and break times, if needed, will be jointly organized by provincial and school administrations.

He said the vaccination rate for teachers who received at least one dose of a two-shot vaccine was 80.34 percent as of Aug. 18, and the rate is 69.73 percent for a second jab.

Özer also said vaccinations will not be mandatory, but necessary measures will be taken by the Health Ministry.

But the minister invited all teachers and education workers to be vaccinated for their own health, protection of students and education services to never be interrupted again.

Orientation training will be held for pre-school and first grade students between Sept. 1 and Sept. 3, while teachers will be given seminars on the reopening process of schools on the same dates.

School administrations will provide masks to students and school personnel free of charge in case anyone needs them.

All in-door areas in schools will be disinfected every day and the doors and windows in these areas will be opened to provide frequent ventilation.

But for students who cannot attend face-to-face learning for any excuse, distance learning will continue through the country’s Education Information Network (EBA) and public broadcaster TRT.

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