Turkey calls on Syrian regime to end Idlib operation

Turkey calls on Syrian regime to end Idlib operation

Turkey calls on Syrian regime to end Idlib operation

Turkey has called on the Syrian regime to terminate its ongoing military operation into the northwestern province of Idlib, the last rebel-held enclave in the country, and has suggested a diplomatic solution to the problems in the war-torn country.

“We are calling for the immediate termination of the operation into Idlib,” presidential spokesperson İbrahim Kalın told reporters at a press conference on Aug. 15.

The Syrian regime has carried out a wave of air strikes and shelling on Idlib, the last big area in the hands of an array of insurgent groups, mostly Sunni Muslim jihadists, fighting against the Syrian regime. Damascus had said Idlib would be their next target in operations.

Idlib is one of the four de-escalation zones designated by Turkey, Russia and Iran as part of the Astana Process. Turkey had established 12 observation points inside the province as part of the deal.

Russia militarily and politically backs the Syrian regime’s impending large-scale operation into the province while Turkey is openly against it.

“As a guarantor country, we are working to avoid the mistakes carried out by the regime in other parts of Syria, like Deraa and Homs, in Idlib,” he said.

Kalın said the third leaders’ summit between Russia, Iran and Turkey as part of the Astana Process will take place in the first week of September in the Iranian capital Tehran.

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