Trial for Turkish-German gang begins in Stuttgart

Trial for Turkish-German gang begins in Stuttgart

Trial for Turkish-German gang begins in Stuttgart

The trial of eight members of the “Osmanen Germaniagang, officially registered as a boxing club, began in the German city of Stuttgart on March 26.

The members are accused of getting involved in a number of criminal activities, including drug and gun dealing, attempted murder, soliciting prostitution and blackmailing, Deutsche Welle has reported.

The suspects are believed to have committed many crimes between 2016 and 2017 in Baden Württemberg state. According to the indictment, the club “attempts to kill” members desiring to leave the organization.

“This is not a boxing club as it had legally been established. This is also not a goodwill organization keeping kids off the streets,” Jan Holzner, a spokesman for the prosecutors, was quoted as saying by Deutsche Welle.

The group has 22 local chapters across Germany with around 300 members, many with Turkish roots, according to the Interior Ministry.

Since its founding in 2015, Osmanen Germania is reported to have taken steps to “assume dominance” against other similar clubs.

On March 26, the trial opened amid tight security, with helicopters and many police officers seen escorting the suspects to the courtroom.

The trial is expected to have 50 hearings and be completed by January 2019.