Traffic in Mt Bolu Tunnel resumes after landslide

Traffic in Mt Bolu Tunnel resumes after landslide

Traffic in Mt Bolu Tunnel resumes after landslide

Mount Bolu Tunnel, a significant crossing on the road connecting the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul and the capital Ankara, has been partially opened to traffic after a landslide blocked its entrance.

As a result of the extensive work done by crews and local authorities for clearing rocks and other junk, traffic on the highway was resumed in a controlled manner on April 4.

A sudden landslide that occurred on April 2 had covered all three lanes in the Ankara direction and one lane in the Istanbul direction through a 50-meter section of the motorway.

Fortunately, no vehicles were stuck in the earth, but authorities diverted the traffic to the D-100 highway from Abant in the Istanbul direction and from Kaynaşlı in the Ankara direction.

According to a statement released by Turkey’s General Directorate of Highways (KGM), the number of vehicles using the tunnel was at a minimum since the landslide took place at the time of iftar, the fast-breaking dinner during the month of Ramadan.

Due to a pileup last month in which at least 18 vehicles were involved and one person died, the traffic in Mount Bolu Tunnel had halted for a short time again.