Tourists visit acropolis on a cable car

Tourists visit acropolis on a cable car

İZMİR - Doğan News Agency
Tourists visit acropolis on a cable car

Transportation to the Pergamum acropolis is easier now thanks to the cable car. Hürriyet photo

The acropolis in İzmir’s Pergamum ancient city, which is located up a 330-meter hill, is drawing more tourists since transportation has been made easier with the construction of a cable car. 

Acropolis Cable Car A.Ş. Facility Director Serdal Sarı said transportation to the acropolis had been provided through a very narrow and dangerous road and tour busses damaged the ancient area, but thanks to the construction of the cable car, 220,000 people had visited the acropolis in one year. 

He said the cable car began to serve in October 2010 and interest in the acropolis increased to a great extent since then. “Eighty percent of tourists prefer the cable car to see the acropolis and they reach the ruins by seeing the view of Pergamum. The main purpose of the cable car facility is to preserve the acropolis ruins. We observe that tourists enjoy the travel while reaching the acropolis. The uncomfortable and dangerous travel ended thanks to the facility,” he said. 

Sarı said some travel companies had reacted against the new transportation when the cable car opened to the public. “But we have solved the problem after a short time and have good communication now.”
Sarı said the cable car cost nearly 12 million Turkish Liras. “We have increased the number of cabins from nine to 15 due to great demand,” he concluded.