Three tombs found in Çanakkale

Three tombs found in Çanakkale

Three tombs found in Çanakkale

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Three tombs have been unearthed during excavations to repair a water pipe in the northwestern province of Çanakkale’s Biga district. Two of the tombs were opened and gold jewelry was found in one of them, while nothing of financial value was found in the other. 

The tombs, which were completely removed from the ground, were estimated to be an extension of a necropolis in the ancient city of Parion, which is two kilometers away from the area. 

The field in which the tombs were found was taken under protection by gendarmes. 

A handful of gold beads, a ring, three golden objects the size of bullets, two broaches and a mirror were among the artifacts discovered in the tombs. 

Examinations will reveal more information about the tombs, the officials said.