Thousands of artifacts to be displayed at Urartian Museum

Thousands of artifacts to be displayed at Urartian Museum

VAN – Anadolu Agency
Thousands of artifacts to be displayed at Urartian Museum

The construction of the Urartian Museum in the eastern province of Van has been completed and will soon open to display nearly 100,000 artifacts from various civilizations. The former museum suffered damage from earthquakes in 2011. 

Located in the İpekyolu (Silk Road) district in the skirts of the Van Castle on an area of 50,000 square meters, 13,000 square meters of which is a closed area, the museum is preparing for its opening. 

The building was constructed within the scope of a program to support the centers of attraction initiated by the Development Ministry. 

Artifacts have been removed from the former museum and have been transferred to the new museum by experts. 

The museum is expected to make a great contribution to the city’s economy, as it will display artifacts particularly from the Urartian and the Seljuk civilizations. 

Van Deputy Governor and Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu said Van had so far been home to many civilizations throughout its history and had a very important historical heritage. 

Zorluoğlu said artifacts have begun to be placed in the museum after completion of its construction. 

“The museum is a more modern and magnificent building. The artifacts inside the museum are magnificent, too. When it is completed, nearly 100,000 artifacts will be on display. With a closed area of 13,000 square meters, it will be one of the biggest museums in Turkey. I had expected it would be open in the first quarter of the year but it will be finished by the end of May and will open to visitors then,” the mayor said. 

To be included in tour programs 

Van Trade and Industrial Chamber (VANTSO) executive board member and tourism manager Murat Beyaz said museums were very important factors for tourists, who could easily spend a half day at museums in places they visit. 

He said the Urartian Museum would be included in tour programs in the city. 

“The fact that tourists stay in the city means more promotion and more economic gain. When the world’s biggest Urartian Museum is finished, it will be included in tour programs. It will provide a great added value to the city. It was a bit delayed but we believe it is worth it,” said the VANTSO executive board member. 

“I have recently had a chance to visit inside the museum. It is a truly wonderful work. People from many parts of the world will want to see this place, which will add value to the city. We thank everyone for their hard work and look forward to its opening as soon as possible,” said Beyaz.