Theater of ancient city to be unearthed

Theater of ancient city to be unearthed

Theater of ancient city to be unearthed

The theater area in the ancient city of Perinthos, which dates back to 600 B.C. in the northwestern province of Tekirdağ’s Marmaraereğlisi district, will be uncovered during excavations.

The excavations will be carried out by Professor Zeynep Koçel Erdem from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University’s archaeology department with archaeologists and experts in the field.

Excavations are planned to continue for 12 months.

Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Ahmet Hacıoğlu told state-run Anadolu Agency that the Perinthos Basilica was unearthed during previous excavations in the ancient city.

Stating that important works will be carried out in the region this year, Hacıoğlu said, “Our biggest goal in these excavations is to reveal the largest theater area of Thrace in the ancient city. In addition, a history will be revealed during the excavations to be made in the acropolis.”

Hacıoğlu stated that with the excavations, the district of Marmaraereğlisi will be the most important historical and cultural destination of Tekirdağ.

Stating that the excavations are almost like digging a well with a needle, Hacıoğlu said, “It is something that requires a lot of patience. I believe that this theater will be the biggest theater center of Thrace in the end of the excavations. Tekirdağ has all kinds of routes in terms of tourism, but there is no route in terms of history and cultural tourism. Tekirdağ will be a very important historical and cultural destination with the excavations to be made in the Perinthos ancient city and the places to be unearthed during the Heraion-Teikhos ancient city excavations later.”

Erdem stated that it is accepted in the scientific literature that Perinthos was founded by colonists from Samos around 600 B.C.Theater of ancient city to be unearthed

Stating that the excavations in the ancient city will start very soon, Erdem said, “This year, we will start working with a limited number of teams considering the epidemic conditions. We plan to work with more teams in different areas of the ancient city in the coming years.”

There is a largely modern settlement on the ancient city, said Erdem, adding, “Luckily, the acropolis section has never been touched. The places of large public structures such as temples and theaters are untouched. We will start the excavations in these areas. After the excavations, the people of the city and visitors should be offered something when they come to visit this place. This will be done with various plates and animated pictures. A walking path will be created here.”