'The Orphans' take stage in Nicosia theater

'The Orphans' take stage in Nicosia theater

The Orphans take stage in Nicosia theater

Öksüzler, (The Orphans) the new play of the Municipal Theater of Nicosia, will be premiered on Dec. 11 at Bandabuliya Stage in the capital Nicosia in Turkish Cyprus.

The play, written by Dennis Kelly and directed by Aliye Ummanel, is expected to be one of the most promising performances of the Turkish Cypriot theater of today.

The play draws attention to universal problems such as violence, marginalization and racism in the story of a small family.

Well-known Turkish Cypriot playwright and director Aliye Ummanel constructs the play on the basis of "preserving its origin in the age of stories.”

“This is our fire, the fire of our generation. Whichever value we embrace, they die out. Family, country, honesty, love, justice… Each one is transformed into something else, manipulated, exploited in a story that does not reflect its origin. This is the age of stories. They are scattered in fictional stories,” Ummanel says about the story of the play.

Also, actors Osman Ateş, Hatice Tezcan, İzel Seylani and Tuğra Özyiğit will perform on the stage in the play.

“The Orphans”, one of the examples of the "in-yer-face theater" that emerged in Great Britain in the 1990s, will be staged every Wednesday and Friday in Bandabuliya.