The ancient city where Paris gave Aphrodite the apple in Greek mythology seeks sponsor

The ancient city where Paris gave Aphrodite the apple in Greek mythology seeks sponsor

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The ancient city where Paris gave Aphrodite the apple in Greek mythology seeks sponsor

The ancient city of Antandros needs a sponsor for the establishment of a museum, where the unearthed artifacts will be displayed. AA photo

Artworks that have been discovered during excavation works in the ancient city of Antandros in Altınoluk, in the northwestern province of Balıkesir’s Edremit district, will be moved to a museum. 

The head of the Association for Rescue and Protection of Antandros Ancient City, Mehmet Sakaroğlu, said excavations had been ongoing for 13 years in the region, where Paris gave the apple to Aphrodite in mythology, and they needed a museum to display the artworks discovered there. 

He said that they were attempting to the do impossible in the ancient city, adding, “It is hard work to do. Also, we are looking for a sponsor to display these artifacts at a museum in Edremit.”

Sakaroğlu said that they had found many valuable pieces in the excavations in the necropolis area of the city, adding that archaeologists and students from three different universities were working on the excavations. He said that a sponsor was also needed to meet the financial and material needs of the excavations. 

’We are too late’


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“Historic artifacts and museums are very important for the development of a country. Because people want to see museums in countries they visit. Although our region is like an open-air museum, we can’t make use of it. I believe that we are too late.” 

He said that their supporters were an insurance company and the Altınluk Municipality. “We want to increase the number of these sponsors and show the historic artifacts to people as soon as possible. Our goal is to bring tourist buses to this region. Then we want to establish here a museum. Because excavations have been ongoing for 13 years and artifacts found here are on display at the Bursa Archaeology Museum. Some of them are at the Balıkesir Archaeology Museum. But most of them are being kept in storage unfortunately. We don’t know how safe they are or how they are protected there. Our main purpose is to open a museum in the region,” Sakaroğlu said. 

Research that discovered the Antandros Ancient City started in the mid-19th century when a written statement, which mentions the name of Antandros, was found on the wall of the Avcilar village mosque. It was then discovered that Antandros city had been located on Kaletasi hill, 215 meters above sea level.

Despite the contradictory information about the establishment of Antandros Ancient 
City, it is known that Lydian King Alyattes’ son Kroisos ended the occupation of Kimmer in 508 B.C. Antandros was put under the command of Persians after being occupied by Otanes, one of commanders of Persian King Dareios.