Syrian artist’s works displayed in Istanbul

Syrian artist’s works displayed in Istanbul

ISTANBUL- Anadolu Agency
Syrian artist’s works displayed in Istanbul

Syrian painter Akram Zave's oil-color exhibition "the decedents of the Piper" has been opened for visitors in Istanbul on July 18. 

Zave, works of whom are described by the Lebanese author Mimoza al Arrawi as "reminder of heroes of legendary and dramatic tales," lives in Syria, where the civil war has been going on since 2011.

Art brut artist Zave's works can be visited at the Kelimat Art House in Kadıkoy, in Istanbul's Asian side.

"Art brut is a very important art area for us [...] Painting started with figures drawn in caves. I adore art brut due to its simplicity and spontaneity," said Adnan al Ahmad, director of the art house.

Ahmad stressed that Zave did not receive any arts training, but he is an artist who uses colors and figures freely.

His paintings were sold in Japan and the U.K.

Zave currently continues his art career in Syria.

"Painters with an academic art training sometimes restrict themselves, make too many calculations. But art brut artists with no formal education can act more freely. For that reason it is possible to see daring colors like red, green in the background. Zave sometimes paints on wallpapers, because it is very hard to find papers, canvases in Syria right now. Artistic production is very difficult in times of war, but Zave continues painting," Ahmad said.

Lebanese author named exhibition

Huseyin Emiroğlu, the curator of the exhibition, said the name of the exhibition was given by the Lebanese author Mimoza al Arrawi.

"Al Arrawi compares Zave to the piper in the tale "The Pied Piper of Hamelin". There are musical instruments in most of Zave's paintings, and they take people to different places," he said.

Although the artist lives in a war zone, his connection with art is very strong, he added.

"Zave is very hardworking and creative. He gives the message that he is strong, and he exists, in his paintings. He draws on wallpapers, covers of magazines, and continues artistic production even during the war. I believe he will become a world-renowned artist in the field of art brut," said Emiroğlu.

Zave is pleased that his works will be exhibited in Istanbul.

"I always wanted to share my work and my ideas with Turkish art enthusiasts [...] I am very happy about this," Zave said in a teleconference.

He said although he faces challenges, he will continue producing works.

The exhibition with around 40 paintings can be visited in Istanbul until Aug. 30.