Synergy, transformation to lead Retail Days

Synergy, transformation to lead Retail Days

Synergy, transformation to lead Retail Days Companies will share business models that create synergy and transformation on Retail Days, a leading summit for Turkish retailers set to start on Nov. 23, Doğan Online and founder and chair Hanzade Doğan Boyner said. 

Hepsiburada, a leading Turkish e-commerce platform, has become the main sponsor of the 16th Retail Days, which will be organized by the Soysal company this year. 

Turkish and foreign expert speakers will address the summit, where Doğan Boyner will also deliver a speech. 

Doğan Boyner said she will present a distinctive approach to online platforms supporting the transformation of the retail industry, in her speech titled “Platforms that do not destroy but transform.”

“Omnichannel mobile technologies and digital media are transforming significantly in the retail sector. Today, the order of steps we need to take and the roots that we will embrace to manage today, the near future and the dizzying developments are crucial,” she said. 

“As a whole, we are taking a leverage role in the digital transformation of the retail industry. We accelerated this transformation by activating Pazaryeri,” she said, referring to a new online marketing platform initiated by the group. 

 “Instead of business models that exhaust the sector, we offer an approach that matches the sector, and supports transformation management, “Doğan Boyner said. 

Hepsiburada will give information on ‘Pazaryeri’ for two days at a stand in the Retail Days summit. Representatives from the retail sector will be able to visit the booth and be informed on next generation e-commerce opportunities and develop key points expanding their businesses by starting up a digital store in “Pazaryeri.” 

Participants will also have the opportunity to browse products sold at Hepsiburada and buy products online on a huge live touch screen. 

International Istanbul Retail Conference, Istanbul Retail Fair, Retail Sun Award Ceremony and B2B meetings will be held for two days during Retail Days, which is considered to be the biggest meeting of the sector.