Swift birds released into nature

Swift birds released into nature

SAMSUN – Anadolu Agency
Swift birds released into nature

The Samsun Metropolitan Municipality began to release 97 swift birds that had been found in a roof during a maintenance into nature.

Out of 112 birds, 97 survived at the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Wildlife Emergency Unit. They grew up by being fed with syringes.

The birds that are ready to fly for migration are gradually being released into nature among crowd bird groups to find their migration route.

Samsun Mayor Mustafa Demir, who released some of the bids into nature himself, gave gratitude certificates to the personnel and the volunteers who took care of the birds.

At a press conference on Oct. 1, he said that the birds were fed with syringes over two-and-a-half hours each.

“The swift birds are not in danger of extinction but they are special species under and protection. They spend 90 percent of their life on the sky and give birth on roofs. The babies we have grew up in 23 days. They consume five-six kilograms of foods a day and eat 123 kilograms in 23 days,” the mayor said.

Demir said that the swifts are migratory birds, adding, “We release them among big birds in order to learn migratory routes. The big ones show them the route. As 15-30 groups, they all will be released into nature in the next few days.”