Students apologize for ‘Nazi salute’

Students apologize for ‘Nazi salute’

Eyüp Serbest - ISTANBUL
Students apologize for ‘Nazi salute’

Üsküdar American Academy made an apology visit to Ulus Jewish High School after some of its students made “Nazi salutes” during a football match between the schools.

On March 14, the Üsküdar American Academy football team and the Ulus Jewish High School team faced each other in an inter-high school football match organized by the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Education.

The players of Üsküdar American Academy unexpectedly performed a “Nazi salute” to celebrate their team’s goal against their rivals.

After the incident, Üsküdar American Academy administration made an apology statement. The Education Ministry also launched an investigation.

The administration of Üsküdar American Academy, the coach of the football team, the team captain and some of the players visited Ulus Jewish High School on March 22.

Representatives of the Jewish community also took part in the visit. The Üsküdar American Academy administration apologized, stating that their students had been disciplined.

Holocaust to be taught

Ulus Jewish High School announced the visit with a message to parents. In the message, it was stated that the students involved in the incident will be given Holocaust education.

It was agreed to show zero tolerance and to disseminate Holocaust education in order to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

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