Stefano D’Anna talks about art

Stefano D’Anna talks about art

Akbank art is hosting Stefano D’Anna’s conference on “Perfection in Art and Independence from Time.”

Stefano D’anna, the world-wide known author of a bestseller in Turkey, “The School for Gods”, and the founder of a leadership program called “Future Leaders for the World”, will be delivering his observations on perfection during “Perfection in Art and Independence from Time” on Dec. 17 at Akbank Art’s venue on İstiklal.

D’Anna says: ‘One can never forget once he has been introduced with perfection.

Its odor and taste will always be ingrained where it anchored in our souls.’ According to the author, from the very beginning of the time up until now, and from archaic civilizations to the current period that we call ‘modern world’, mankind has pursued across centuries and traditions a self-created desire that will never come true. Generation over generation, poets, artists, philosophers as well as secluded monks and dervishes have searched for ‘it’ in vain, that being perfection. Perfection has remained unattainable in the lives of mankind. As individuals and institutions, our generation has been impeccably drawing closer to the curve of perfection, although there is no chance to achieve it. However, no other model has been as applicable and significant as perfection.

‘’Pursuing it is a universal value and a holy mission. Perfection can even be considered an absolute driver of our civilization,’’ he said.