Speedy translators give book lovers ‘the best’

Speedy translators give book lovers ‘the best’

Speedy translators give book lovers ‘the best’

Publishers in Turkey translate books in foreign tongues for the benefit of eager readers in record time, and their work finds an attentive and appreciative audience, according to industry experts.

Turkish publishers are “very speedy” at producing translations of foreign works, Aslıhan Dinç, a coordinator at Yapı Kredi Publishing, said ahead of Sept. 30, International Translation Day.

Whenever the book hits the shelf in its original language, the volumes are ready to come out in Turkish, and often simultaneously, she added.

“Sometimes there are times when we get a book ready and [have to] wait for it to be published in its original language first,” she explained.

In Turkey, in addition to quality publishers and authors, interested readers often know and follow skilled translators.

Freelance editor Setenay Karacay said that while most translations in Turkey are still done from English, contemporary offerings from authors in Japan, Norway, and Poland are also winning admirers.

“The diversity in translations of classical or contemporary classical works, as well as the rapid and beautiful translations of current works, and our ability to follow world literature very closely make me happy as a reader,” she added.