Some 2,500 facilities get safe tourism certificate

Some 2,500 facilities get safe tourism certificate

ANKARA - Anadolu Agency
Some 2,500 facilities get safe tourism certificate

Nearly 2,500 accommodation facilities in Turkey have been granted the “Safe Tourism Certificate” under a program that is designed to ensure the safety of tourists, staff at such facilities and travelers from COVID-19.

According to data from the Culture and Tourism Ministry, a total of 2,451 accommodation facilities and 1,452 tour and transfer vehicles have been issued those certificates.

The Safe Tourism Certificate Program is part of Turkey’s wider efforts to curb the spread of the virus and make sure local and international tourists enjoy safe stay during their holiday.

The scheme, which was launched in May amid the COVID-19 pandemic, is led by the Culture and Tourism Ministry and carried out jointly by the country’s Health, Transport, Interior and Foreign ministries.

Under the Safe Tourism Certificate Program, accrediting agencies have visited and regularly inspected numerous accommodation facilities, cafes and restaurants as well as tour operators and companies providing transfer services to tourists before granting the certificate.

Besides official inspections, which are carried out once a month, inspections by “mystery shoppers” are also conducted to make sure that those facilities and service providers do not compromise hygiene and other health rules.

As part of the safe tourism program, airports started to introduce the mandatory use of face masks, taking people’s temperature and social distancing rules as well as electronic check-in.

Airports now have quarantine rooms with health workers and vehicles, which are used to transfer people to hospitals when needed.

At accommodation facilities, disposable hygiene materials are made available to customers. In addition, at hotels food are now displayed behind glass shields at all-you-can eat stations.

The program also helps to check on tourists’ arrival at airports, transfer and stay at accommodation facilities.

The tourist protection and support insurance, launched under the program, covers the treatment expenses of those who test positive for the virus during their stay at hospitals.