Soma disaster gets stage treatment

Soma disaster gets stage treatment

KARS - Doğan News Agency
Soma disaster gets stage treatment A group of actors in the eastern province of Kars has staged a play depicting the mine workers killed last week in the Soma disaster.

The group, Epical Art Theaters, brought to life the incident that killed 301 mine workers in Soma in the conference room of a local theater.  

During the display, the photos of the dead mine workers were reflected on the background.  A small orchestra with local instruments also accompanied the performance.

Many of those in the audience were brought to tears, according to reports.

Meanwhile, in the same building, the students of a local high school, Cumhuriyet Anadolu Lisesi, launched an art exhibition of the works they have been developing during the semester, dedicating their pieces to the 301 workers.

The most salient was student Burak Kişi’s work, a charcoal painting of the light of the lamp of a miner’s helmet reflecting off coal.