Smoking of drivers in private vehicles to be illegal in Turkey

Smoking of drivers in private vehicles to be illegal in Turkey

Smoking of drivers in private vehicles to be illegal in Turkey

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Turkey will extend a smoking ban previously issued on public transportation vehicles to include private vehicles, but only for those “sitting in the driver seat,” in line with a revised draft law, daily Habertürk reported on Aug. 21.

The law named “Health Ministry and Affiliated Institutions Organization Law” also brings about new changes in other areas, it reported.

Accordingly, tobacco products produced in Turkey or imported from abroad will be put on the domestic market in standardized packages in terms of their color, shape, style of writing, and font size. The name of the brand will be printed on only one side of the package and in a way as not to exceed 5 percent of its surface area. Moreover, the brand logo, symbols, or other such signs will not be embedded on the packages.

The revised draft law also foresees some changes in the organizational structures of public hospitals and some affiliated institutions. Accordingly, more authority will be given to provincial directorates of health and the wages of health personnel on call will increase. The retirement age for family doctors has been revised to 72.

Private insurance policies purchased against damages incurred by pregnant woman and children born through normal delivery, will be paid by the Health Ministry for three months, to be extended for an additional six years. 

Additionally, a joint-stock company named International Health Services (USHAŞ) will be established, which will develop policies and strategies related to international health services, which will determine service delivery standards and accreditation criteria, and which will support Turkey’s health tourism related activities. This company will also set the price tariff for international health services and submit this for the Health Ministry’s approval.