Slovaks to use energy sustainably

Slovaks to use energy sustainably

Slovaks to use energy sustainably

The Slovak Republic aims at cutting its dependence on imported fuels.

The EBRD is supporting the more sustainable consumption of energy in the Slovak Republic with a 15 million euro loan to Vseobecna uverova banka (VUB), one of the country’s leading lenders.

The funds will be on-lent to municipal borrowers, private municipal service providers, energy service companies and housing associations for energy efficiency projects.

The loan comes under the EU/EBRD Municipal Finance Facility for Energy Efficiency and will be complemented by technical assistance and grant support provided by the European Union and available for final borrowers.

The facility aims at lessening Slovakia’s high dependency on imports of gas and oil and reducing its energy intensity by improving the country’s energy efficiency and sustainability.

The facility also serves to meet the high demand for energy efficiency among smaller companies as well as municipal and household consumers.