Skeleton pieces found in Yemişkapanı excavations

Skeleton pieces found in Yemişkapanı excavations

EDİRNE – Doğan News Agency
Skeleton pieces found in Yemişkapanı excavations

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Continuing excavations in the field of an Ottoman era structure, the Yemişkapanı Inn in the northwestern province of Edirne, have unearthed a number of skeleton fragments thought to date back to the Roman era. 

A skull, arm and leg bones found during the excavations were sent to Trakya University for analysis. Their age and gender will be revealed after further examinations. 

During the work that was initiated by the Edirne Municipality and conducted by the Edirne Museum Directorate to reorganize Selimiye Square, the Edirne Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Board asked that the Yemişkapanı Inn, which was known to have existed in the square, be unearthed. 

The remnants and walls of the inn, which covered an area of 4,000 square meters and served as a wholesale market hall in the Ottoman era, were revealed during the excavations. 

Earlier digs had revealed the waterway that was used to ensure the distribution of clean water in the city.  

The inn, which was built to the west of Selimiye Mosque and considered a masterpiece of Turkish-Islamic architecture with an estimated 100 rooms, fell into ruin over time and became covered with earth, subsequently becoming part of Selimiye Square.