Six-way opposition alliance outlines main principles, objectives

Six-way opposition alliance outlines main principles, objectives

Six-way opposition alliance outlines main principles, objectives

Turkey’s six-way opposition alliance has outlined the main principles and objectives it will pursue when it comes to power in the next elections, highlighting the need for upgrading democracy and human rights under a strengthened parliamentary system based on a strictly implemented principle of separation of powers.

Leaders of the opposition alliance held their fourth in-person meeting late on May 29, hosted by Future Party chairman Ahmet Davutoğlu, and disclosed two separate declarations.

“As the chairpersons of the six political parties involved in the Cooperation Process, we declare that we will remain loyal to the following principles in the upcoming critical historical period,” the first statement read.

The 10-article list of principles and objectives includes a return to the parliamentary system based on the principle of separation of powers; a libertarian public order; inclusive, libertarian and non-discriminatory democracy; freedom of expression and media; freedom of religion and conscience; societal peace and accountability; social state and fair distribution of income; production and employment-focused economy; political ethics; and credible and effective foreign policy.

“We will endure our togetherness until we will accomplish our objectives with the support of our people,” the statement read.

No Syria op for domestic political purposes

The second statement addressed some current political matters and how the opposition alliance approaches them. One of the issues the leaders discussed was the ways to avoid concerns over election safety.

“We will take all the necessary precautions for fair, free, transparent and secure polls in order to protect every single vote,” it stressed, informing that an inter-party commission will announce what actions they will take next week.

Another key issue the leaders reviewed was the fact that Turkey has been hosting around 5 million migrants and its impacts on the social, economic and political order in the country. The statement announced that the leaders agreed to form a new commission tasked to tackle the migration-related problems.

The leaders also addressed the ongoing row between Turkey and Sweden-Finland duo who wish to join the NATO. Turkey should bring its rightful demands over the anti-terror fight not only in front of the two Nordic states but also to all the member countries, the statement stressed, urging the government to stay away from escalation and adventurous policies that would harm Turkey.

On a potential cross-border operation into northern Syria, the statement stressed that it was the government’s responsibility to take all the measures for border security and fighting terrorists. “But, we are committed to adopting a joint stance against using the issues that concern our national security for domestic political purposes in a way to influence the upcoming election process by trying to inject the impression that we are in an extraordinary environment,” it stated.

It also called on the government to inform the opposition parties about the reasons, duration, scope and objectives of a potential military operation.

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