Six Turks arrested in Italy

Six Turks arrested in Italy

Anatolia News Agency
Six Turks arrested in Italy

Reuters photo

Six Turkish citizens were arrested in Italy for allegedly links to the Hezbollah terror organization and for aiding illegal immigration, according to Anatolia news agency.

The police investigation and consequent arrests of nine people, six of whom are Turkish, took place in Terni in the central Italian region of Umbria. A search warrant that was approved by Turkish and European law enforcement officials for 41 additional suspects has also been issued for facilitating illegal immigration to Italy using counterfeit travel documents.

“The joint coordination of the Central Bureau for General Investigations and Special Operations (UCIGOS), Terni and other Italian cities’ General Investigations and Special Operations Divisions (DIGOS), and the Terni public prosecutor, has resulted in the arrests of nine suspects and search warrants for 41 additional suspects who have been linked to the Hezbollah terrorist organization and activities aiding illegal immigration,” Ankara’s Italian embassy said following the arrests.

The previous arrest and questioning of a suspect who was indicted in Turkey for links to international terror organizations during a raid in Lombardy revealed the existence of a Turkish Hezbollah group with sophisticated methods of bringing illegal immigrants of Palestinian and Kurdish origin into Italy, the statement said.

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