‘Singing on a Train’ project takes to rails

‘Singing on a Train’ project takes to rails

ERZURUM - Doğan News Agency
‘Singing on a Train’ project takes to rails Twenty-four young people from four European countries have joined together for the “Singing on a Train” project, backed by the European Union’s Education and Youth Program, and will travel from the eastern province of Kars to Istanbul by train, singing songs as they go.

The trip will take nine days, and the group will give concerts in seven provinces along the way, according to the project’s leader, Gürkan Akçaer.

The 24 young people from Turkey, France, Lithuania and Bulgaria set off from Kars at midnight on May 15 and arrived in Erzurum yesterday morning. They were welcomed by train station Director Ahmet Başar and visited the museum at the train station.

Following a mini-concert performance, the young people went to the city’s Atatürk University, where they gave another concert yesterday evening.

The group’s next stops will be in the central Anatolian provinces of Kayseri, Konya, and Eskişehir, followed by Istanbul, and that they will give concerts in all of those provinces, said Akçaer. “The main idea of the project is to provide young people from elsewjere in Europe with the opportunity to travel in Turkey, and to use the universal language of music,” he said.