Sick and unattended dogs find comfort in Patiköy

Sick and unattended dogs find comfort in Patiköy

Sick and unattended dogs find comfort in Patiköy

Sick and stray dogs in the central Anatolian province of Kayseri are taking shelter and being rehabilitated in rock-carved caves in 3,000-square-meter Patiköy (Paw Village). Natural caves in Zincidere, which were previously used by people as sheepfold, were turned into Patiköy by Talas Municipality after the villagers left.

Talas Municipality Patiköy Temporary Dog Housing and Rehabilitation Center takes care unattended and sick dogs.

After rehabilitation and sterilization, the dogs regain their health and are released to natural environments. Patiköy also serves citizens who need to leave their dog somewhere for a short time. Those who want to adopt a dog can also apply to the center.

Speaking to the state-run Anadolu Agency, Talas Mayor Mustafa Yalçın said that they took care of some 300
dogs in the natural environment at Patiköy.

Stating that there are five caves in Patiköy, Yalçın said that they designed 3,000 square meters of space for dogs.

“Non-self-sufficient puppies, wounded and sick dogs are brought here. Those who want to leave their dog somewhere for a short time bring them here, too. In addition, 60 dogs have been adopted since the center was opened. It is an area close to our city and easy to access. In accordance with the protocol we signed with the Metropolitan Municipality and the Erciyes University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, both veterinarians, psychologists and technical teams are in contact with Patiköy and meet our needs. It is a nice environment for loving dogs. This is a temporary shelter. Firstly, if there are sick and injured animals, they are treated in the faculty. We neuter and release them back to nature.”

He said that they have received positive feedback from visitors, especially children, and schools also organize trips to the center.
Yalçın, said they are planning to create an animal cemetery in a small plot of land near Patiköy.

“People who lose their beloved pet may want to visit his grave constantly. We have an animal cemetery project for this. We want to serve animal lovers here,” he added.

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