Sex questions packaged in a supplement

Sex questions packaged in a supplement

ISTANBUL - Hürriyet Daily News
Sex questions packaged in a supplement

The supplement included 'funniest' questions sent to Dümen.

A Turkish daily distributed a supplement yesterday that brought together the “best of” Haydar Dümen, Turkey’s most renowned and popular sex therapist.

The supplement by daily Posta, one of the country’s top-selling newspapers, included the “funniest questions” sent to Dümen, who has a regular column in the newspaper, as well as the therapist’s answers to them.

In one of the letters, a 22-year-old man wrote Dümen that he bought an inflatable sex doll “out of curiosity, but now I don’t have any interest in women. I even bought a new one when the old one [lost its shape].”

In his reply, Dümen told the reader that such a problem could be seen as more normal if the reader were a teenager.

“Sex dolls have taken over the place of women, producing an irreversible effect on men’s mental health,” Dümen’s answer read. “But where is marriage, where are sons and daughters, where is a lifetime companion? Find a real woman who can throw her arm around you.”

Although Dümen’s methods are criticized by some psychologists, his columns and appearances on television are seen as a way of informing people on sex in Turkey, where sex education is still considered a taboo.