Selda Bağcan to take London stage

Selda Bağcan to take London stage

Selda Bağcan to take London stage

Turkish folk musician Selda Bağcan will perform a concert on Feb. 18 at one of the best concert halls in London, Koko

The legendary artist, whose cult songs have been remixed by world-famous DJs and who has a huge number of fans around the world, will be accompanied by the Tel Aviv-based rock band Boom Pam on the stage. 

Bağcan’s songs have inspired singers like Dr. Dre and Mos Def. Her album “Selda Bağcan Remix” was released in September last year and has been played in unusual places: Night clubs and parties abroad. 

The album includes the remixes of the artist’s cult songs made by DJs such as Acid Pauli, Ambassadeurs, Doğukan Manço, Catwork, Her Douglas, İpek İpekçioğlu, Moguz and Cafi. 

“Bağcan, the icon and queen of 70’s Turkish Psychedelic Sounds is one of the most important pillars of Anatolian Psychedelic Rock. She’s a political activist and a legend in popular Turkish music,” Koko said on its website. 

“She doesn’t hold a big number of live shows, it is a rare treat. So whoever got to experience a Bağcan performance can call himself one of the lucky audience. She started musical collaboration that began in 2014 with Israeli Surf-Rock band Boom Pam. The result sounds like a revival, interpreted in a new form and with fresh energy, of the 70’s Anatolian Psychedelic Rock,” it added. 

“In November, Utrecht based ‘Le Guess Who?’ festival in the Netherlands, released a special edition on Vinyl of Selda Bagcan’s live performance. It is a limited edition pressed on only 500 copies,” the website said.

Bağcan has recently announced that she was invited to Burning Man 2018, which has been held in the deserts of the U.S. state of Nevada for 31 years, hosting tens of thousands of visitors from around the world.