'Seeking for Light' at Pilevneli Gallery

'Seeking for Light' at Pilevneli Gallery

Seeking for Light at Pilevneli Gallery

Istanbul’s Pilevneli Gallery is hosting a solo exhibition titled “Seeking for Light” by photography artist Ziya Tacir.

Known mostly for capturing architectural buildings in monumental scenes, the artist’s first solo show presents series of photos of Japan. Instead of his accustomed fictive works, in this recent series, Tacir allows the viewer to explore the landscape and nature. Similar to Japanese aesthetics, while concentrating on delicacy and simplicity, throughout the series Tacir adopts the splendor of natural spaces.

Having the lyrical perspective of a 19th-century photographer, Tacir changes the mindset of the viewer by presenting artistic stories of poetic and bare spaces; imbedding the photographed landscapes to our mind as if a distant memory.

After spending some time in isolated areas of Japan for the series, Tacir echoes the simplicity and the purity of life in his photographic works. Using simple and empty spaces, achieving clarity through silence and aloofness, the forms which the humble yet the striking allure of nature takes forces the viewer to question the passing time.

Tacir not only visits timeless and permanent scenes but also revokes moments that exist for a glimpse or fade away for infinity.

The exhibition, which opened on Dec. 3, can be viewed through Jan. 9, 2021.