Secret tunnel in castle keeps its mystery

Secret tunnel in castle keeps its mystery

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Secret tunnel in castle keeps its mystery

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An inn, which is estimated to have been used as the entrance to a “hidden tunnel” in the past, is undergoing cleaning work in the Turhal district of northern Tokat province. The hidden tunnel is located in a 5,000-year-old castle which is being restored to its original state. 

Turhal Mayor Yılmaz Bekler said a project for the restoration of the historical castle will be carried out in collaboration with the Culture and Tourism Ministry. 

Bekler said the ministry officials had made the necessary inspections of the castle, adding that only two bastions of the castle existed at the moment but they had evidence the entire castle existed in the 1890s and could be seen by everyone.

He said there were rumors the houses around the castle had been built with stones from the castle. “The reason why I give importance to the castle is that every city center has a castle that gives that city a historical look. Therefore, we want the bastions and walls on this castle restored to their original [state] and tourists to visit it,” said the mayor. 

Explaining the importance of the restoration of the castle, Bekler said Khorasan mortar would be used in the restoration work and within the scope of the project the city walls would be rebuilt. 

Secret tunnel in castle keeps its mystery

He added they would also establish a roadside facility in the region, and the stone roads from the Yeşilırmak River to the castle would be restored. 

The castle would also be lightened, Bekler said. “We hope that the project will be approved by the Culture Ministry. It is in the 2016 program,” he added.

Bekler said the castle had dungeon gates and an inn, which has some 390 stairs. Some of the stairs have been cleaned already, while the work was continuing, he said. 

Stating that the inn had a different importance, the mayor said, “We know that there was a dungeon inside the inn as well as [a place] to store water. It is said that the inn expands through the riverside and water was carried from there.” 

Bekler said the historical castle was built for defense. “Only soldiers lived in the castle. When they were surrounded, they used this inn to reach water. We think that the inn goes through a water resource like a riverside.”