Sarkozy calls for EU ‘Buy European Act’

Sarkozy calls for EU ‘Buy European Act’

PARIS - Agence France Press
Sarkozy calls for EU ‘Buy European Act’

candidate for 2012 presidential election Nicolas Sarkozy delivers a speech during a campaign meeting on March 11, 2012 in Villepinte, out of Paris.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said yesterday he wanted the EU to introduce a “Buy European Act” based on a U.S law that obliges the state to use domestically-produced products in public contracts.

“I solemnly ask the question why should Europe deny itself that which the United States, the most (economically) liberal country in the world, allows itself,” he said at an election rally.

He said legislation was needed along the lines of the “Buy American Act” to require governments to favor European-made products in their purchases, and said that without progress in this area, France would apply that rule unilaterally. 

Sarkozy warned that if the European Union did not do this within a year he would, if reelected, implement a “Buy French” law.

The right-winger is trailing in the polls behind Socialist Francois Hollande in the race for the vote to be held in late April and early May.

France could pull out of Schengen zone 

Sarkozy also warned that France could pull out of Schengen passport-free travel zone. 

He called for better protection of Europe’s companies and bordersaying a system of sanctions was needed to control immigration in Europe and that France could suspend its membership of the Schengen zone if progress was not made. 
“I want a Europe that protects its citizens. I no
longer want this savage competition,” Sarkozy said in a speech likely to appeal to far-right voters whose support he will need to win a second term. 
“I say no to a Europe that opens up its markets when others don’t. Such behavior does not mean accepting free trade, it means accepting being a Europe that is a sieve,” he said.