Samsun Opera Ballet to open new season

Samsun Opera Ballet to open new season

Samsun Opera Ballet to open new season

Continuing its preparations for the new art season, the Samsun State Opera and Ballet (SAMDOB) is getting ready to meet its audience with the first ballet premiere of the season.

It will make the opening of the season with the ballet “Karışık Hisler” (Mixed Feelings) with four choreographies, including “Amor Stella’s,” a work by renowned Turkish ballet dancer Tan Sağtürk.

“Mixed Feelings,” which will be on the stage on Sept. 11 at the Samsun Atatürk Cultural Center Aydın Gün Stage, consists of a collage of four different choreographies, based on the music of composers such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach and Erim Ardal.

“Dejavu” and “Black and White,” choreographed by Mehmet Balkan, will also be staged for the first time in the northern province of Samsun. The choreography of “Sayha,” which will be on stage for the first time on the premiere night, belongs to Zeynep Bengier.

The ballet “Mixed Feelings” will be performed in accordance with the rules of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sağtürk, speaking to the state-run Anadolu Agency during the last rehearsal of the ballet, said they were happy that the stages were reopened after the pandemic.

Stating that he prepared the work “Amor Stella’s” for SAMBOD, Sağtürk said, “There are also two different works by Balkan. Everyone is very excited as it is the first work made after the pandemic. We had a long waiting period. We were trying to continue working, but we had a very difficult process. It was a pleasure for us to open the stages again.”

“My work ‘Amor Stella’s’ means ‘Love of the Stars’. We saw all the dancers as stars and made them perform on the stage. We used the time very valuably and effectively. The great interest and willingness of the dancers also made us all very happy. A very exciting process begins for all of us. I hope we continue without any closure. Everyone’s compliance with the rules of the pandemic will ensure continuity in culture and art.”

Stressing that they were away from the stage for a long time due to the pandemic, Balkan said, “Art and artists suffered a lot during this period. If there is no audience in what we do, we do not exist, too. We could not do anything during this period. We are very excited and happy to meet with the audience on Saturday.”