Salon İKSV opens new season

Salon İKSV opens new season

Salon İKSV opens new season The new season at Salon İKSV will start with one of the most exciting concerts of the year, with Battles set to make the audience feel the energy of experimental rock on the opening day, Sept. 24.

Battles, which will play a subsequent show on Sept. 25, released their debut album in 2006 and became one of the most sensational alternative rock bands. Their second album, consisting of both electronic and rock elements, helped them build an even larger fan base. The band will perform at Salon İKSV following the release of their latest album, “La Di Da Di.” 

On Sept. 29, Salon İKSV will host Jehan Barbur, one of the most respected jazz vocalists on Turkey’s jazz scene. Barbur is the embodiment of peace of mind with her calming voice and delicate songs, traveling between light jazz, pop and Middle Eastern tunes. 

On Sept. 30, Mashrou L’eila, a project of a group of friends from Beirut, will be the guest, bringing with them innovative, contemporary alternative Arabic tunes. 

Voice of different genres 

Salon İKSV will continue hosting stars of contemporary music such as Kalben, a singer-songwriter from the local independent music scene; Cihan Mürtezaoğlu, who has put his signature on many fascinating melodies with his guitar; Jakuzi, one of Turkey’s icons of darkwave and synthpop; Selim Saraçoğlu, a remarkable song writer with a great command of both the guitar and the key; Mercan Erzincan, who creates magic with her delicate voice and sophisticated classical folk songs; Sena Şener, one of the major names in the local independent folk scene; Azam Ali and Niyaz, who combine the Sufi tradition of the Middle Ages with Iranian folk songs; Mammal Hands, offering an incomparable, modern music experience with the use of the piano, sax, drums and table with tunes blending electronica, jazz and folk; as well as Avishai Cohen, a master putting together the Western and the Middle Eastern musical textures in his solo work.

Californian indie rock band Dorian Concept, the Gevende Neil Cowley Trio, the Kerem Görsev Trio, Gaye Su Akyol, Bubituzak and The Comet Is Coming will also be guests of Salon IKSV in November and December. 
Danish electro-pop musician Oh Land, with her smooth vocals and amiable personality, and The Veils, a leading indie band, and Total Depravity will stop by Salon İKSV as part of the Garanti Jazz Green concerts to be held throughout the year. 

In 2017, Salon İKSV will host other prominent musicians as well. One of the leading representatives of Canada’s indie rock scene, The Dears, will be among the guests of the coming year after the release of their latest album “Times Infinity Volume One.” The Dears became a sensation in their homeland and all around the globe right after their formation in 1995 in Montreal. The band is also renowned for their legendary live performances. The group has previously played at the Istanbul Jazz Festival in 2012, as well as Salon İKSV in March 2016.

From northern lands 

Finnish synth-pop artist Jaakko Eino Kalevi, who delivers a slice of disco, a pinch of electronic pop, a splash of melancholia and tons of 80s sound; Liima, a joint project out of the hands and minds of Finnish percussionist Tatu Rönkkö and Danish indie rock band Efterklang; Choir Of Young Believers, an acoustic folk and indie pop project of Danish musician Jannis Noya Makrigiannis; Plaistow, one of Sweden’s most prolific musical figures who melds modern acoustic Jazz and electronica; and Tellef Raabe – for those who can’t get enough of the dark but titillating tunes of Gothic pop – will also greet the audience at Salon İKSV in the new season.