Russian artist promotes Turkish culture in Moscow

Russian artist promotes Turkish culture in Moscow

Russian artist promotes Turkish culture in Moscow

A Russian artist, who converted to Islam, is promoting Turkish and Islamic traditions in the capital of Russia with her works.

Mariya Komisa, a painter and pottery master, is currently presenting Turkish culture and heritage through her “Letter of the traveler” exhibition at the State Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow.

Speaking to the state-run Anadolu Agency, Komisa shared her admiration for eastern and Turkish culture, as well as her encounter with Islam.

Noting that she has been interested in eastern and Islamic culture since her childhood, the Russian artist said this culture is very close to her.

About her conversion to Islam a few years ago, she said: “Everything started from Bakhchysarai in Crimea where I was given the Quran [holy book of Muslims] as a gift. I became a Muslim there.”

She said that after converting to Islam, she and her husband moved to Turkey and lived for a long time in Bursa, the former capital of the Ottoman Empire.

“Turkey accepted me very warmly. I gradually started speaking Turkish and wearing the hijab... nobody believed that I came from Moscow.”

Komisa said Turkey was unique in terms of cultural diversity and that she tried to reflect the Ottoman and Islamic heritage in her works.

Komisa also said that she was influenced by Sufism, the mystical face of Islam and inspired by the works of Ottoman artist Matrakçı Nasuh.