Rock tombs of Elazığ to serve tourism

Rock tombs of Elazığ to serve tourism

ELAZIĞ – Anadolu Agency
Rock tombs of Elazığ to serve tourism

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The Roman-era rock tombs in the eastern province of Elazığ’s Ağın district will soon be brought to light, according to District Gov. Mehmet Fatih Yakınoğlu, who said the district was not very well known despite its historical touristic features such as the Hastek Fortress, İspir Mansion, rock tombs, mounds, the Sülük and Keban dam lakes and traditional Ağın houses. 

He said in order to boost tourism they would work particularly on the rock tombs in Bademli village to draw local and foreign tourists to the region. 

“The district is home to many rock tombs in various spots. We are working for these tombs to serve tourism,” he added. 

Yakınoğlu said archaeological excavations would shed light on the history of the district, and that the rock tombs were believed to have a history of nearly 2,000 years. 

“Historians say there was a settlement around these tombs. Comprehensive works will be carried out to find out the culture and life style of people thousands of years ago. I hope we will open this region to tourism as soon as possible,” he said.