Rize’s fourth Formulaz races wooden made cars

Rize’s fourth Formulaz races wooden made cars

RİZE - Anatolia News Agency
Rize’s fourth Formulaz races wooden made cars

The minister Hayati Yazıcı (above) also attended to the race to watch the Formulaz. AA photos

The fourth-annual Formulaz traditional wooden car race took place in Rize Aug. 21.

Contestants at Formulaz compete in their own handmade wooden cars. A total of 87 contestants competed in Formulaz this year. Trade Minister Hayati Yazıcı attended the festival and watched the race.

Due to safety problems at last year’s race, this year the race committee took measures to prevent accidents and injuries, including requiring contestants’ cars and clothing to meet specific safety standards.
The racers were divided into six-person groups, and raced their cars on a 300-meter raceway. There were a number of dangerous moments in the race, and some of the wooden cars were broken by the end of the race. Broken-down cars were removed from the raceway.

The ambulance used at Formulaz is also wooden, and in this year’s race it carried one injured contestant with a broken wheel. The ambulance is known as “Lazbulance.”

Yazıcı also drove a wooden Formulaz car, and was on hand to present the winners of the race with prizes.