Replica of ancient shipwreck at Rahmi Koç Museum

Replica of ancient shipwreck at Rahmi Koç Museum

ISTANBUL – Anadolu Agency
Replica of ancient shipwreck at Rahmi Koç Museum

The replica of an ancient shipwreck named Yenikapı 12 has been out on display at the Rahmi M. Koç Museum.

The wreck was among the 37 ancient wrecks discovered during archaeological excavations done as part of the constructions of the Marmaray and other subway projects in Istanbul. 

At a press conference held on Feb. 22 at the museum, Istanbul University rector Professor Mahmut Ak said they had reached many historical artifacts during works as part of the Yenikapı Wrecks Excavations and Conservation Project. 

“The finds in the Yenikapı studies were not only of signs of life, but also valuable items that showed that there was intensive trade. Since there are traces of slippers and shoes, not only bare footprints of humans, we reached very important results of both trade and civilization,” he said. 

Ak said a team from the university had carried out studies on the artifacts. 

“The best example was the ‘Yenikapı 12’ wreck in the form of reconstruction. It was brought down to the sea in Tuzla and used in a functional way. Marine vehicles are affected by weather conditions the most. I also thank the Koç family on behalf of our university for providing us this opportunity.” 

The head of Istanbul University’s Department of Marine Archaeology and the Yenikapı Sunken Ships Project, Professor Ufuk Kocabaş, said Yenikapı 12 was found in 2007. He said that the reconstruction started with 55,000 euros of financial support and was finished in one-and-a-half years. 

“It was brought down to the sea in 2017 and sometime later was moved to the Istanbul Archaeology Museums. Nearly 400,000 visitors took photos of it throughout a year,” he added. 

Yenikapı 12 is known as a small commercial boat that sank in the port of Theodosius, where the sea trade of Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire, was intense. 

It was discovered in 2007 during the Yenikapı excavations carried out by the Istanbul Archaeological Museums about 12 centuries after the boat sank.

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